Massage rates at Lansdowne Massage Therapy are as follows:
$ 60 for 30-minute appointment
$ 90 for 45-minute appointment

$115 for 60-minute appointment
$175 for 90-minute appointment

 I.C.B.C We do not currently bill I.C.B.C directly for massage therapy treatments.
$ 115 for 60-minute Initial appointment on an I.C.B.C claim: POSSIBLE $112.35 reimbursed $ 90 for 45-MINUTE SUBSEQUENT APPOINTMENT on an i.c.b.c claim: possible $84 reimbursed
(Reimbursement from I.C.B.C To you may require confirmation from the I.C.B.C adjuster and a PHYSICIAN'S referral)

$37 for 30-minute Premium Assistance appointment
$67 for 45-minute Premium Assistance appointment
$92 for 60-minute Premium Assistance appointment

(Care Card verification required)

Acupuncture rates are as follows:

Free 15 minute consultation
Initial Acupuncture $120 for 80-minute appointment
subsequent Acupuncture $90 for 50-minute appointment
Initial I.C.B.C. Acupuncture $105 for 60-minute appointment
subsequent I.C.B.C. Acupuncture $88 for 45-minute appointment

All rates include G.S.T.

No charge for approved VA or RCMP claims.

Please note that rates are subject to change.