What can I expect when I get a massage?

During your initial visit, you will be asked to fill out a confidential case history form and your therapist will interview you to find out more about your symptoms. The therapist may also perform some orthopedic tests to pinpoint the exact problem. Once completed, your R.M.T will discuss with you his / her findings as well as a treatment plan.

Once you consent to the treatment plan, the therapist will leave the room so you may disrobe and lay down on the massage table between a set of sheets. Treatment is often most effective if techniques are applied to bare skin. You will be draped with a sheet at all times and only the area being directly treated will be uncovered. It is ALWAYS your right to leave on as much clothing as makes you comfortable.

After the treatment, the therapist may reassess you to evaluate the treatment provided and to note improvement. They may also discuss with you stretching and strengthening exercises for you to perform at home as well as possible changes in routine that aggravate your injury.

Subsequent treatments will be similar to the above description, but with less time spent on interview and assessment.

How are Massage Therapists trained & regulated?

Massage Therapists in BC are the most highly trained in North America, with 3 years of education. The curriculum includes such subjects as anatomy, physiology, neurology, pathology, and orthopaedics. Some specific conditions covered in the schooling include tendonitis, arthritis, whiplash, and pregnancy-related complaints, among many others.

Upon graduation from school, prospective therapists must pass (70%) a 7-hour written exam and a 2-hour practical exam, both of which are administered by the College of Massage Therapists of BC (CMT). The C.M.T regulates and licenses R.M.Ts in the province of BC. In order to maintain C.M.T registration, all R.M.Ts must pay professional dues, carry at least 1 million dollars of malpractice insurance, and take Continuing Education courses accredited by the C.M.T to maintain and improve their skills.